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Callum Tennick

Callum Tennick

Callum has had an interest in recording sound effects ever since he first got his hands on a Fostex FR2 and a sound redesign project in his first year of college.

noisecreations has become a place for Callum to experiment with recording and editing techniques and create some of the design ideas that he has never had the opportunity to use in a project.

Callum continues to create sound effects for noisecreations and personal projects, and edits The Sound Architect Podcast.

Philip Moroz

Philip Moroz

Philip's dedication to sound editing and field recording developed from his background in music performance and music recording. He is a committed individual who consistently searches to gain more knowledge, abilities and experience in all forms of sound.

noisecreations as a collective project consistently proves to be rewarding - experimenting with sound and producing distinct collections to showcase ideas.

By day, Philip is a full-time Sound Editor at Hackenbacker Audio Post-Production in Soho, London.

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